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At Bed Bug Services, our expert Bed Bug Exterminators are "pros" in identifying and addressing Bed Bug Infestations immediately. We hold extensive experience in this field providing effective preventative services to our residential and commercial customers. Your peace of mind is our top priority and we go an extra mile to ensure that.

With our 20 + years of experience, we render DISCREET SERVICE with UNMARKED VEHICLES, and have procured the *Best Techs (certified and highly competent) *Best Products *Best Equipment . We proudly serve the Halton area including Burlington, Oakville, Dundas, Waterdown, and Cambridge. For a highly reputable Bed Bug Exterminator Company Near You...Call Bed Bug Services Halton for a free consultation today.

What We Do

Our Expertise

Efficient and Accurate Bed Bug Detection

Our expert Bed Bug Exterminators hold extensive experience in detecting the Bed Bugs at the earlier stage. The dog methods are not as reliable as an Experienced Trained Human Technician. Trust us to see what you may not. If you are experiencing what you think may be Bed Bug Bites or think you have a Bed Bug Issue but aren't 100% sure...Call Bed Bug Services for a reliable Bed Bug Inspection!

Ability to Detect Infestations

Sometimes, the Bed Bug Infestation may not be visible to the human eye. Thus, expert guidance becomes utmost important. Over the years, our experts have developed the ability to detect the infestations sooner.
As early as the larvae stage.
We know what to look for when it come to Bed Bug Infestations.

Insured and Certified

Bed Bug Services and all our Amazing Exterminators are Highly Skilled, Certified and Fully Insured by relevant government authorities.
We only employ the Very Best Exterminators in The Halton and surrounding areas. We dont settle for less, and neither should you.

Limited Inspection Preparation Required

You don’t need to do much of the preparations before the Inspection and Bed Bug Removal Program. Our experts will guide you through the things you need to do.
We will provide you with a "Bed Bug Treatment "
preparation sheet to help you through the process.
The "Best" thing you can do is Call Us Directly if you have any questions. We are here to help!

Bed Bug Removal

We have a comprehensive range of solutions to eliminate Bed Bug Infestation from your home. Our experts will inspect your place and execute the necessary Bed Bug Extermination Treatment program.

24 hour call line

Our experts understand the importance of immediate response. Thus, we render 24 hour 7 days /week call line. You can call us anytime to avail our Bed Bug Services assistance.

Bed Bug Services Halton have years of experience in Exterminating and Controlling Bed Bug Infestations in homes, offices, hotels, buildings, and more. Our Bed Bug Exterminators are licensed and certified providing proven successful immediate results in controlling Bed Bugs.

We also create and implement latest methodologies into our practices to make our Bed Bug Extermination program highly effective.

Experience Bed Bug Extermination first hand.

  • Full Home Thermal Treatment
  • Safe Method Chemical Treatment
  • Insecticidal Dust Treatment.
  • Property managers and tenants
  • Residential Homes
  • Schools & Universities
  • Vacation resorts
  • Commercial Offices/Spaces
  • Hospitals & Health care facilities
  • Multi Family Homes
  • Packages for Real Estate Professionals

'Don't Let Bed Bugs Bite' – Call Our Expert Bed Bug Removal Exterminators Today!

For Help With Bed Bug Infestation, Call Bed Bug Services Halton Today

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