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Compared to other pests, Bed Bugs (Cimex lectulariusbed) are extremely difficult to eliminate. Over the years, bed bugs are becoming immune to insecticides and pesticides. Sometimes, their population can survive 100 times the lethal dose. So, Bed Bug Extermination today involves new processes and techniques. That's where our 'Bed Bug Services' experts excel.

We pride ourselves with procuring the
to ensure you get the best treatment for your money.

At Bed Bug Services, we deal with these stubborn pests with advanced methods and techniques. If you are looking for The Very Best Bed Bugs Extermination Service in HALTON and surrounding areas, Call Bed Bug Services.

What We Do

What To Expect From Us


We use advanced tools and effective residual insecticides for the best and long-lasting results.


Professional and affordable pest extermination services at the most competitive rates.


Your security and comfort is our highest priority. We never use banned chemicals. Rest assured our technicians are certified and have only your families utmost health and safety in mind

Our Specialty Services


At Bed Bug Services Halton we address bed bug infestations with reliable and effective treatments proven to ensure Bed Bug Free results.


We understand the need for immediate Bed Bug removal solutions. Thus, our experts are available to call 7 days a week after regular business hours.


We employ only professional certified technicians trained about when, how and which treatment needs to be applied for your specific Bed Bug extermination needs.


Our customized extermination solutions resolve your Bed Bug issues the best way possible without disturbing you and your environment.


We are confident about our effective and safe Bed Bug Extermination methods. We have proven results for a reason. When these methods are followed the results are guaranteed.


Our Bed Bug Exterminators have an array of techniques to methods and processes to eradicate these tiny intruders from your residential and commercial settings.

Facts About Bed Bugs

To learn you have Bed Bugs can be terrifying. People feel embarrassed and ashamed on top of being disgusted and scared. ANYONE can contract Bed Bugs. They can be picked up in Retirement Homes, Movie Theaters, Public Transit, Doctors offices...ANYWHERE really. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH CLEANLINESS! We are here to help...do not be ashamed!

Health Effects of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs cause skin irritation, rashes, allergy and psychological effects such as insomnia and stress. Extreme infestation leads to severe health issues. Children and the elderly may have more serious reactions and health issues as a result of Bed Bug Infestation.

Human Blood Suckers

Bed Bugs solely feed on human blood. They feed on you around 10 to 15 minutes after you fall asleep. One Bed Bug can reproduce hundreds of Bed Bugs in a lifetime. If a person has moved to another room the Bed Bugs go looking for the host and can travel deep into walls and floors. You need Professional Extermination be fore it gets out of control. We can Help!

Quick Growth

Bed Bugs are known to breed and grow quickly. Ignoring the first few instances means you are soon faced by a huge Bed Bug infestation often leading to expensive pest removal services.

One Bed Bug can reproduce hundreds of Bed Bugs in its lifetime.
Call us for a Bed Bug Inspection if you think you have Bed Bugs. Our Exterminators are trained to see what you may not.

Steer Clear of Dangerous Do-It-Yourself Bed Bug Extermination Methods

Bed Bug Services is committed to rid you of this stressful invasion. Our knowledgeable staff, approach and extensive experience helps us to match up our clients specific needs. We go the extra mile to develop and implement the safest solutions.
Suffering from Bed Bug Infestation in Halton area? Call Bed Bug Services for the best / safest treatment your money can buy.
You can't afford to take chances with store bought chemicals that frankly, do not SOLVE the problem long term.
Our professionals will ensure safe and long term results that work!
Save your money!

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